Matra-Renault Avantime

Engine capacity HP/rev Torque Nm/rev weight [kg] 0-100km/h [s] top speed [km/h] urban fuelcons. [l/100km] exurban fuelcons. [l/100km] mixed fuelcons. [l/100km] CO2 emission [g/km]
Three levels of equipment was offered:
Common data for all models:
CW value: 0.34
Length: 4.643 m
Width: 1835/2084 /mirrors
height: 1,627 m
Rideheight: 14,0 cm
Boot volume:530 L
Fueltank capacity:80 L
225/55/16 95V
235/50/17 96V
235/45/18 96V optional

Original colours

211 STEPPE (M) a kind of greenish silver
266 GRIS ACIER (M) dark grey
268 NOIR NOCTURNE (M) a dark violet - the "German colour", not available in Italy
267 NOIR NACRE DORE (M) black - was only available for a short period.
544 BLEU TIBETAIN (S) dark blue, looks almost like 268
296 VERT SCARABEE (M) dark green
432 BLEU METHYL (M) medium blue
274 ROUGE DE MARS (M) medium red
549 BLEU ILLIADE (M) blue, - the "original" colour when the Avantime was first presented
H97 VERT TAIGA (M) an outrageous but quite suitable green to the trendsetting Avantime

Thanks to Holger Schulzen from avantime-gallery.org for most of the information presented on this page.
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