Conv - Alfa-V6

Robert Brink writes: The Dutch company Carjoy has developed a 3 liter V6 engine modification for Murena 2.2 and Murena 2.2S. The engine has to be from an Alfa 164 3.0 V6 - *not* the 3.0-24V V6 (later 164's) and also not the 2.5 V6 (Alfa 75). The modification consists of a new subframe in which the Alfa engine and gearbox is hung, the fueltank is cut and a few small cuts are made in the engine bay to accomodate the engine.
It is not as crowded as you think: replacing the timing belt is even easier than in the original Alfa 164! And according to Dutch legislation, the conversion is legal (the car has to be re-registered and receives new paperwork with "Murena V6" on it!). So if you want such a car in any EU country, consider exporting it to The Netherlands, have the modification done and import the car again. This will by-pass any local legislation, as EU rules apply ;-) Finally, Carjoy has developed a stainless steel exhaust system which gives a real sporty sound :-)

Sadly, this kind of conversion would be hugely expensive tax-wise here in Denmark (taxes are associated with the license-plates)

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