Jos Evers's converted Murena 3.0 V6

Some modifications on suspension are made. Red Koni's replaced the standard dampeners. The car is lowered a bit on the front. I am very satisfied with the Koni's. Spax suspension is ofcourse an option, but why replace the Koni's if they meet my satisfaction ? Another thing is engine cooling. A copper radiator is installed. Stainless cooling pipes also. But still some extra engine cooling is welcome, especialy during the summer period. Well, we are planning to install a bigger radiator, or put a racing fuel tank in the front to make more space in the engine bay, for engine cooling and to get cold air into the airfilter. Maybe we will do both ( next year : expenses ! ). Also we will install an oil cooler and an oil temp meter. Nothing had to be changed with regard to bearings. To me it looks the car can handle the power well. By the way, the car has appr. 220 BHP, because it was tuned by a local Alfa friend. Standard my engine has 190 BHP ( some 3.0 V6 engines had 200 BHP : the older ones ). But because there is no katalyst, a sportsfilterkit is mounted, and most important faster camshafts are mounted, we estimate the car has about 220BHP now. These extra BHP's are noticed if acceleration is needed above 3500 revs. But also the smoothness of the engine is important to me.

regards, "Jos Evers"

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