Murena - high brakelight

pictures showing my high brakelight.

I wanted a high brakelight, to avoid people rearending me in the morning traffic, - but I also wanted it to be almost invisible when not used. I bought a LED type brakelight which, when liberated of its futuristic plastic cover, consisted of a single long piece of PCB with the LED's on. This I fitted into a small plastic cable-rail, which I painted black.

This is no wider, than it can comfortably sit (using double adhersive tape) on the upper rubber-trim around the glass-separator between cabin and engine compartment, without being visible in the rearview mirror at all. From outside, nothing can be seen, until you apply the brakes - where the LED's are in fact below the black area on the top of the rear hatch.






Created by mkhtml: Mon Oct  9 20:22:30 CEST 2006