Murena - heaterfan replacement

Just some pictures to document how to replace the heaterfan switch. I had planned to do this for a while, as I had the idea/hope that the 50%/60%/70% stages could be imporoved to reveal a near-100% :-) , but recently the replacement had to be speeded up, as I noticed smoke coming out of my dashboard !! (argh!). It turns out the switch either had deteriorated internally, causing too much power to be led through the cableshoes, OR the shoes contact were becoming poor, thus inducing a resistance, which at the amp-level results in excess heat. Anyway, as it can be seen from the pictures, the cableshoes are severely burnt. No wonder it was smoking, - and LUCKY nothing caught fire. The replacement was straightforward.













Created by mkhtml: Tue Oct 24 22:15:34 CEST 2006