Prototypes: Matra M25

In 1987, Matra presented this M-prototype - which to me looks very much like a predecessor of the Renault Spider ... just take a look at the dashboard-layout - or even the exterior. I haven't been able to determine if the M25 has an aluminium chassis, or still the good old galvanized steel, however. (does anyone outthere know?)

Quoting Will Falconer from the Matra maillist: "The M25 was designed to accelerate very rapidly to a not particularly fast cruising speed, on the basis that THEY can't stop us using acceleration even if those wretched cameras are out to get us for exploiting speed potential. The name caused wry amusement here in the UK where London's 120 mile M25 orbital road has seen a lot of gridlocked traffic since it opened.

The engine was a midmounted 255hp Renault-Williams 2.0litre 16v, - which gave a topspeed of just about 200km/h, in other words a *very* short gearing, which combined with low weight (840kg) made for stunning acceleration. 0-100km/h in 4.5 sec (!) - it did standing 400 meters in 12.9 secs, and 1000m in 23.8sec - thats quicker than the contemporary Ferrari Testarossa or Lamborghini Countach (!).