The Matra-Simca Rancho

In mid 1977, Matra-Simca launched an "estate" car - the Matra-P12 better known as the Matra-Simca Rancho.

This car is an excellent example of Matra's ability to spot a market niche and exploit it. The car was derived from the Simca-1100 , with torsionbars in front and rear, - the rear was made longer and stronger. The engine, however, was the larger Talbot-Alpine 1442 ccm developing 80 HP at 5600 rpm. Most of the rear body was glass-fibre on steel frames. The car was front-wheel drive only, but Matra did experiment with different 4wd solutions.

A total of 56700 were built - unfortunaltely among those, the 'rust-monster' has claimed many victims - and hence there are surprisingly few Rancho's useable for public roads left. - In other words, if you see one, you should appreciate the time and effort the owner has pout into keeping it roadworthy.

Rancho fact sheet

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