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Almost ready to be tried out
by Anders Dinsen ... August 12, 2008, 11:34:44 pm
I ordered a new linkage, gasket set, throttle cable and spring mounting washers from http://www.fastroadcars.co.uk/ in Wales. The linkage should be a substitute for the old Magard linkage, which I sold to a Cortina owner in Norway. There wasn't anything wrong with the Magard linkage as such, but the Webcon linkage is better, has more adjustment possibilitites and can be adapted to underside mounting so it will eventually go out of the way. For the moment, I'll fit it on top of the carbs, though, as it's easier to access for those adjustments that will need to be made.

And here they are on the manifold, ready to go on the engine!

Don't they look good?

I got a bit worried when I checked the aux venturis. If you look at my previous post, you'll see that I've stated the jetting to include 5.0 aux venturis. Well, that was the number stamped in one of the aux'es in one of the carburettors. The other aux on that venturi had no stamping, and both aux'es on the other carb has "45" stamped on both. I rechecked everything once more, just to be sure, but I didn't mis-read anything - the numbers are different!

I'm not sure I can trust them though - I did some measurements with a vernier caliper, and as far as I can see, the four aux venturis are identical. Further, 5's aren't available for DCOE40 (only for 45's), so maybe I just have one unstamped aux and one that's incorrectly stamped?

So I now beleive the carbs are jetted like this:

Venturi: 36 mm
Aux: 4.5
Idle jet: 45F8
Main jet: 150
Emulsion tube: F9
Air corrector: 180
Acceleration jet: 35

... and that's what I'm going to start out with when I do a preliminary fitting. Preliminary? Yes, I expect that there will be a multitude of small problems when I change over, and if it turns out to be too problematic, I'll switch back.

First, I need to fit the new (longer) throttle cable. Choke cable will also need to be renewed/extended. When I take the old manifold off, I will have to bypass the integrated heating connection from the thermostat housing to the water pipe on front of the engine. The thermostat extension also will need to be bolted on (I hope it can stay on even if I switch back to the single carb system). Fuel lines will need to be changed (original system is 6 mm - studs on the webers are 8 mm), and the return line to the tank must be closed off. Vacuum connections to brake servo, headlights, and distributor will also have to be made. And last, but certainly not least, I don't know for sure how it will turn out: Will the filters sit clear of the fuel tank, will I be able to work the throttle well enough, are the float levels correct, etc. I have also not yet decided what to do with the crankcase ventilation hose...

But all that is just practical problems. I really can't wait to start playing with it Grin
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