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Carbs installed
by Anders Dinsen ... September 29, 2008, 09:06:19 pm
I managed to install the carbs today. The process took some 5 hours including coffee and lunch breaks. I removed the old carb, manifold, and thermostat housing, replaced some of the hoses that were now accessible with new silicone hoses, fitted the new thermostat housing with thermostatic switch for the EWP, fitted the carbs, connected the fuel line, and refilled with water. It's not ready yet, but I'm satisfied for now!

A few problems turned up: One was that the extension on the thermostat housing did not allow the manifold to pass on to the head, and I had to file a few mm off the manifold. Another that the dipstick tube didn't fit well at all. I haven't fixed that yet. A third problem was that I lost one of the 7 mm nuts to fix the manifold on the head Sad

On the positive side, however, I found out that the filters were well clear of the fuel tank (thanks to the 15 degree inclination of carbs) and that there's plenty of space underneath the left one to fit the throttle mechanism on the underside.

Here's a photo of the engine room as it looks now:

What's remaing:

  • Fit the dip stick tube correctly. The bracket will need to be removed and it will be fixed with a p-clip instead. It's a very tight fit with this manifold - I may have to take the carbs off to file a bit off the manifold to enable it to pass up between the right hand carb and the two inlet tracts.
  • Fit the new throttle cable. The linkage will also need to be moved to the left side carburettor instead as there's enugh cables already on the right side of the carbs.
  • Check for water leaks
  • Connect fuel pump until floats are filled - check float heights
  • Do something about the breather on top of the rocker cover (I might fit a catch tank, or do something with the old filter)
  • START IT UP! Smiley
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