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Dipstick tube fixed
by Anders Dinsen ... October 01, 2008, 11:59:14 pm
It took a bit of bending to get the dipstick tube right. I cut the holder off and ended up fitting it with a P-clip instead. I could have retained the holder, though, but once it's cut off it's gone... Maybe I'll find another dipstick one day, one that isn't as rusty as mine?

I had to take the carbs and manifold off to get the dipstick tube fitted, so that was one step back. Photo below shows the dipstick having the correct shape, but not yet fixed to the head (it can't be when the manifold is put on).

Later tonight, I went back out and fitted the carbs and dipstick correctly. I also tightened a hose clip where it was leaking. Thermostat gasket was also leaking - I hadn't tightened it enough when I fitted it. Now it is, and it's water proof Smiley Having the carbs off gave me a good chance of checking the sealant between the head and thermostat housing - it's okay.

And this is how it looks now. I only need to do the throttle cable, before I can fire it up! Cheesy

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