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Breakdown... towed home!
by Anders Dinsen ... November 17, 2008, 08:45:05 pm
It's great to have friends!

My car decided to give up tonight. I don't know why yet. The first sign of problems was friday afternoon when it stalled on the way back from work. It's a very short drive, only 2 km, so it was cold and I thought it was just the cold running problems I had experienced before. Friday evening, I switched the fuel pump to one that's supplying the correct pressure. That shouldn't have any effect (the carbs coped with the higher pressure), and now, Sunday evening, I was to drive out to Frederik Moes to give him the final drawings of the airbox so he can weld it up for me.

To make a long story short, I stranded completely about 2 km from home. One hour later, Frederik had towed me back and the car is now sitting in its usual location.

I'm very close to scratch it all and refit the good old Solex carb, but I'll withstand the urge an find out what's wrong. I think I'll have to take the carbs off and inspect everything. It could be almost anything: Dirt, broken manifold gasket, starting system leaking...

Symptoms are starting problems, idle mixture jets seems to have little or no effect, it can idle, but dies after being rev'ed up a little, and the popup headlights almost didn't work - or worked only very slowly.

I'm puzzled. And a bit annoyed.

Thanks for helping me, Frederik Smiley
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