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by RazorbackNOR ... December 13, 2010, 02:53:42 pm
Not much progress nowadays because of a meter of snow all over the country.... But a little "behind-the-scenes" work is allways good to have.

Been stripping the old carb I got from the slaughter, the one seen on some of my old pictures, fuel had become solidified, gaskets an o-rings stiff and broke, and there was a serious oxidation on the body. Tried first boiling it in citric acid, didn't do much, got a serious case of "mud" on it, scrubbed it of, but didn't do much for the look of it.

Brought it with me to fork, and got serious on it with a soft sand blaster here. Tht did the trick!
Just got it masked, and ready for a clear coat.

ium.jpg/" target="_blank">

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