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Introduction (Part 2 in 2 parts)
by WessexElectricNutter ... June 13, 2014, 09:34:24 pm

I then got another job in May 2013 as well and was on agency work and off income support which was an incredibly proud moment for me and then I was taken on in the same role 4 months later permanently. With my new higher pay, I was then finally looking at Espaces again and in november 2013 after looking at a few, I came across one in London, well near Hayes and Harlington, west London. I went up there on my free travel after work, brought an oyster card and went on the London Underground, stood outside for an hour waiting for this bloke to turn up and out came this car I was not expecting. Went and did an AA checklist and found nothing on the checklist wrong, but I was wrong, it had an oil problem. It was a G9T with an oil consumption problem, a faulty radio (turned out to be non working), but I drove it and loved it and brought it...
... for 650 then was really scared to drive it on my way home.

Just after I brought it!

Then I started thinking "I could fix this thing and looked into it.. oh, wait, that bonnet is too small for me to work in". So I left it on the drive, built up a bit of money and then sent it off to a local garage after I sold the Corsa B.
The orignal quote? 320 for the work, then it needed a service. Oh and the rest! A few days later, 600, then 1200, then 1500 until finally, 14 days later and a change in my contract at work so I did more hours, 1827! What was discovered was a lot. New cambelt, full service, new leak off pipes, new glow plug (as it was pretty difficult to start), loose subframe on the front, new cambelt, new rocker cover, new gasket, new auxiliary belt and pulley, both were very much ready to go at any moment!

photobucket.com/albums/g217/wessexelectricnut/Espaces/A71DE7CC-E3B4-4BA3-95FF-878DD23E359A_zpsih2jmu7k.jpg" alt="" border="0" />

plenty of problems here.

Then I got it back and started doing some work myself, I've started also modifying it slightly as well, it was already modified with an induction kit (which I reverted to standard), lowered suspension and twin exhaust pipes (stainless steeel), but it worked and I started driving it, more and more often and more recently, I've started spending money on mods and so far, I've got a bit planned, I've also taken a bit out of 3 scrap vehicles, although not everything I need however, so I am keeping my eye out.

The second espace arrived when I had the first one, I was after a V6 engined one from the outset, so I went on eBay and found a V6 grand espace for 750 again, in London (near Turkey Street), but by this time, I had my Privilege Railcard, so I could go overground cheaply to get it. So, I was in Littlehampton watching this auction and I talked to the seller beforehand thinking "Ok, I put in a 600 bid and we see if I get outbidded.". I didn't, I won it to my surprise (geeze, this thing was in good condition and it had LPG!), so I got it a week later after insuring it and then tried to find a place to store it, it ended up going into offsite storage not far from here, but its still quite costly.
I brought it back and wow, it was a nice drive! Everything (except a few blown bulbs) worked, even cruise control which was useful on the M25 with a lot of rain, but the advert did say "TLC required". Understatement, I took it to Haslemere and it encountered its first steep hill (After talking to my colleagues at the time at Haslemere station), it started spluttering, popping and not liking the hill, but it went alright on the flat, it was happy until I went up Cocking Hill, which is rather steep. It backfired like hell because Cocking has a 30mph speed limit and a National speed limit afterwards. The poor espace was showing how poorly it actually was and not helped by the weather on the M25 which flooeded the front of the engine.

Soon after I got it and sorted the insurance out, only to discover it was actually insured anyway, I forgot about it.

Since then, I haven't seen it since, or touched it much, I replaced the bulbs, took it for a spin and did a few tweaks to it, but its not been touched a lot. I introduced my dad to it and he pretty much liked it and I thought "I'm going to loose this if his car doesn't go through the MOT." However, I'm reluctant to drive it as theres no history of the cambelt change.

And so there you have it, my Espaces and how I got them in a roundabout way.

IF you are wondering, my friend took a photo of me next to the silver espace, it was his first time in it and guess what? He likes it and wants it, but won't drive it has he is too scared.

That leads me to something really funny. Each car I buy, everyone likes at least one of them, one of my friends likes the clio and calls it stephanie, my girlfriend/wife to be wants my knackered out Corsa C, her uncle wanted the Corsa B, my dad wants the Blue Espace leaving me with just the silver Espace as the car if they all had their way as my only car... funny that.
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