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How hard can it be......
by WessexElectricNutter ... June 27, 2014, 01:31:36 am
... to find some full leather seats? I know V6 espaces are rare, I have a V6 Grand Espace that took me a while to find and in the end, I brought it for 600 (only bidder) off eBay. I was also told not to buy something off eBay, but this one has been the luck of the draw! It works well and seems to be little wrong with it. The other one was from Autotrader and despite researching and checking it over, it was a big mistake to buy. I digress.

Anyway, for the diesel one, I've been on the run for a few bits. I can find one bit really easily, the components to cruise control which I plugged in a switch for the cruise control and it lit up! So, something is there, if I knew what else I need as well.

Now, leather seats..... shall we go there? Oh no, lets not. I've trawled through a lot of adverts. Cant find them for love or money, eBay = nowt, Autotrader = nowt, Gumtree = nowt, local scrappies = nowt at the moment, need to check them though (GR Harris's only has one Espace and I don't know if the curtain has come down for good on that one yet - that was a 2L "The Race" standard one), renaultforums.co.uk = nowt! All I'm after is these:

Anyone with any sensible suggestions? On the speaker side of things, I managed to replace my audio system, sort of and it works, so the cars are standard, just not the holes. I'll have to upload my findings tomorrow.
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