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The Espace isn't for everyone.
by WessexElectricNutter ... May 25, 2015, 06:54:51 pm
This is meant to be one of those posts I hope everyone will laugh at as I had a giggle for a few when it happened.

One of my friends who I drove round in the Espace for a while wanted to try and drive it. He was fussing me for ages and knowing how bad/good his driving was, I was really reluctant to let him have ago. I gave in eventually and he wanted to drive it half a mile. This he was really excited about as I guess its his first diesel car he's driven. I handed the keys over and he started it.
Lifted his foot of the clutch and got scared. He drives a 1.8 Citoren Xantia and that has a really high biting point apparently, which suggests to me the clutch is err. shagged. The Espace has the lowest biting point, I've got used to it to be honest, whereas my Clio's clutch is about mid way (the Corsa is about half way too but I can't tell much difference to be honest).

The next trouble he had, negotiating the obstacle course.. sorry car park where the car was. Full of tight twists and turns. Again, something I got used to when I drove down narrow lanes for the first time and something I gotten used to.. He on the other hand.. *THUMP* as he runs over a curb, then throttles it and I'm thinking "Not that hard, it works best in the torque range." So, he continues, gets used to the width (or so he thought) in this residential area, but hes still using the first 3 gears to get upto 30 mph. I'd use fourth and I would be gentle. Oh wait, he is used to a petrol car.

He parks up, does his business, turns around in a side road and goes back, coming out of this side road into a main road, he tries changing gear. "CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRRRRUUUUNCH.", "WTFH???". Then drives back, hands back the keys and goes....

My response was "Why?"
His response was, "That clutch, I hate that clutch."
I'm thinking "because yours might be on its way out?".

He spoke to my dad and he went on about the clutch and its length.... Of course, one thing thats always fooled me is "how long is the bonnet?" as I think its about a mile long and not less than a foot. I did think of getting another earlier standard espace with a 2 litre petrol or G8T diesel for fun and see how he gets on with it. Something tells me he will complain like hell however.
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The Espace isn't for everyone.
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