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Title: espace automatic problem
Post by: tdc on October 27, 2005, 02:08:05 am
Hi,  I just got a 1995 Automatic Espace 2.2RT, I drove it about 10 miles, and it was o.k. Then i cud only get the 1st gear, and that the box was not changing the gears as it should, I also lost the reverse gear as well. After 3 hours I restarted and all the gears were o.k,inc the reverse. So when the espace has warmed up, i lose the gears, I have checked the fluid and topped up, but it has made no difference. So im a well confused on where the fault may lie ?  can't be the gearbox ? or can it  :(  ?  

Title: Re:espace automatic problem
Post by: Anders Dinsen on October 27, 2005, 06:14:35 am
It really sounds like the gearbox needing an overhaul. The automatic gearboxes from the 1991-1996 Espace's are known for being a bit problematic, I'm afraid.

I suggest you take it to an automatic transmission specialist and have them look at it.

Let us know what you find out,
- Anders