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Title: Espace changes in september 2000 (09/2000) - how to target your model
Post by: renaultbiler on July 23, 2008, 09:22:27 pm
When buying spare parts, quite a few parts are different on models before and after 09/2000 (some catalogues state 10/2000 as separation date but 09/2000 is the correct one).

If you have an Espace registered late 2000 or in 2001, you often cannot tell if it is actually produced before September or not. The car might come straight from factory or it might have been at the dealers some time before it was eventually bought.

Prod. dates:
01.01.1997 -> is a 1997 model ( no BII CAN-bus box, conventional relays - IR key and immo led in roof console )
01.01.1998 -> is a 1998 model ( no BII CAN-bus box, -||- )
01.09.1998 -> is a 1999 model ( introduction to BII CAN-bus box - RF key and immo led in instrument panel )
01.09.1999 -> is a 2000 model ( BII CAN-bus, -||- )
01.09.2000 -> is a 2001 model ( BII CAN-bus, -||- )
01.09.2001 -> is a 2002 model ( BII CAN-bus, -||- )

But by opening the lid to the BII unit in the passenger floor (fusebox) you can easily separate the most important change-date by the fact that pre 09/2000 have only 2 relays beside the BII box while 09/2000 and up have 3 relays. Relay 234 has moved from the engine compartment and down by the BII just above the diagnostic socket. There is several things you could separate by, but this method is 100% if your car don't have xenon, regulated air conditioning or the G9T engine (all these are 09/2000 or newer), 16" rims etc.

Pictures attached to visualize - the BII box is not pictured, but the connectors underneath is displayed (from wiring books).
On pre CAN models there is loads of relays to the left of all fuses and the diagnostic socket (225) is located absolute bottom left.

Starting from 09/2000 it is amongst many other things a new BII unit.
This new passenger compartment connection unit (BII) support the new features of the Espace JE:

regulated air conditioning;
xenon bulbs;
G9T engine.

There is also a new oil level measurement strategy. This function can be placed in operation at the customer's request by pressing the ADAC (driving assistance) button to display oil level for 20 seconds (also one method of targeting model..).

The diagnostic of the passenger compartment connection unit is no longer supported by the XR25.

I am quite certain that this new BII unit is the only one delivered as spare part also for older BII models, so the oil display method might not tell the truth about production date if it has been replaced.