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Title: Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel II
Post by: Spyros on August 24, 2008, 12:37:16 pm
So, after creating a new mold, I apparently forgot to take pictures.

During a long period, my manufacturing projects where left dormant.
This because I was focusing on the redaction of the Last Matra Bagheera Manual ( a manual covering years 1978  to end, which was never published by Matra. About 400 pages, own published, already 60 % of printed copies sold)

End of July, the status was the following :

My planning was to be ready by mid august.
It would have been the case if the project would have been to reproduce a steel panel in fiberglass.
But ... I revised the scope of the project.
This because an important assumption was not correct :
The pannel needs to glue perfectly to the external polyester panel in order to maintain structural rigidity.
As I will show you, this is not true with the original steel panel and would cause an issue if the steel is replaced by polyester