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Title: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Nickel on October 21, 2008, 03:23:43 pm
Hi all Matrafans, I'm experiencing some problems with my 1998 Espace (2.0 8v). The central locking system doesn't lock the front right side (passenger) door, regardless if I use the remote, the key or the button in the roof :(

I managed to get it to lock once by pressing the roof button repeatedly. It then made a long and buzzing sound as if the lock was hard to "turn". This was right after I bought the car, and I haven't been able to make it work since (six days later).

Now, naturally, I made the conclusion that the lock needed some cleaning and greasing. I there for started to dismantle the door panel. But after having removed all the bolts and "unhinged" the panel from the door, I still couldn't make the frame around the "opening lever" come loose, this is usually the way it's done, but maybe the Espace is disassembled another way??  I ended up reattaching the panel, and having a number of new scratch marks on the it :(.

So, if anyone no the exact way to remove the panel, or has an idea of anything else that might cause the problem that doesn't require access to the door, I would be very gratefull :)


Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Roland1975 on October 22, 2008, 05:37:22 pm
Hello Niklas,

On this web-site in the vault you can download the information about the car ... in manual 72 page 20 there you find how to dismantel the door ... I already did it twice...for a rear door and a front door ... I do not remember exactly ... but I know they are different....The leaver comes off with the panel and does not hold the panel back....I think you forgot the bolt which is inside the little basket near the electric window buttons ... you have to click out a round plastic cover ... in the bottom of the basket ... there is a little torx bolt underneath .... it holds the panel .... you will see it in the manual

Let me know if you succeeded   (all you will need for the espace)

Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Nickel on October 22, 2008, 09:48:29 pm
Thanks Roland!

I suspected that panel had something to do with it, I tried to pry it loose but without success (no wonder since it's bolted  in place  ::) ). I even contacted the model specialist for Espaces in the Swedish Renault club for advice, and he told me I had to pry the frame away from the leaver  >:(

But now I'll be able to fix my lovely car :)

And an entire repair manual, great!!

Any tips on polishing the scratches of the panel?

Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Roland1975 on October 22, 2008, 11:33:02 pm

It is indeed a great car ... actually we have the same ... I own a 2.0 from 1997. I already had to fix a lot on the car ... I baught it at a dutch dealer who is not reliable ... it is an imported car from Germany ... and after one year I can give you a complete list why the previous owner sold it ... haha ... I still have to fix the airbag system and then i am ready.

With the manual you can fix almost anything on the car ... you have got all information you need for repare and diagnostics .... only thing missing is the diagnostics software .... but with a little bit off luck I will get this as well ... I have got an insider at Renault.

Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Martin Tyas on October 23, 2008, 12:04:18 pm
Hi Niklas

It is just about impossible to remove that little trim plug covering the torx screw in the door handle without damaging it in some way. I found the best solution is to accept that and to use something pointed or a small screwdriver and push it right through the middle of the plug to prise it out.... otherwise you risk damage to door handle itself whilst trying to get a screwdriver or fine blade down the edge of the little plug.
Then you can either just not bother replacing it or if you want to keep your vehicle in as original condition as possible then the part number of the plug is 7701205114.
Unfortunately they are quite expensive because the only way you can get replacements from Renault is as a kit of 3 plugs ???.... 1 of each of the 3 different trim colours they have utilised so you get a dark blue, a grey and a brown one in the kit so you use the colour for your vehicle and the other 2 are surplus to requirements ::)


Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: Nickel on October 23, 2008, 09:01:56 pm
I'm happy to report that I can now lock my Espace Weeeee!

About the plug, it actually came off without effort :)
The scratch marks I made happened when I tried to remove the cover without removing that screw (I had gotten some bad instructions...).

The actual fault with the locks are a bit unclear, the lock itself turned smoothly, the servo engine might have benefited from the exercise though, it could also have been bad connection. But my best guess is that the push rod from the outer handle was fitted to tight, so that it didn't quite disengage the lock and there for kept it from locking.

(It's strange, it's a people carrier, still I keep wanting to take it for a spin :))

Title: Re: Central locking/ removing door trim???
Post by: benali on April 28, 2009, 02:40:05 pm
I'm trying to sort my passenger side door motor which isn't working, I've stripped the door with the help of the handbook supplied in the earlier post. I just cannot see how to remove the solenoid and its plastic cover (not described in the manual).  Do you need to remove the door handle and lock barrel? Any advise would be welcome.
Thanks, Andrew.