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Title: Matra Font or Typeface
Post by: andyowl on February 04, 2009, 09:22:39 am
A question for all the Graphic Designers on the list...

I am building a Bagheera competition car. For the sake of all those spectators who will say "...What was THAT??  ..." I would like to get a "sunstrip" for the windscreen that says "Matra-Simca Bagheera" or just "Matra Bagheera".

Who makes such things? And does anyone know the name of the type face or "font" used by Matra e.g. for the rear panel on a Bagheera?

Something "close enough" would also be very helpful.

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Matra Font or Typeface
Post by: Anders Dinsen on February 04, 2009, 12:49:43 pm
Hi Andy

Excellent idea with the sunstrip sticker!
I've come across a couple of companies in the UK specialising in car stickers, for example for E.stickering up your vehicle when you're going to Le Mans. This company seems to be one of the better ones:

AFAIR the font is a sans-serif typeface like Helvetica or Arial. I think you should be able to make a nice reproduction if you take a photo of the rear panel, and then use the photo as a lower layer on the drawing app on your computer, and stretch the typeface until it matches well.

- Anders