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Title: 3 seats or 2?
Post by: andyowl on March 05, 2009, 08:42:43 am
One unanswered question was "What Motorsport class will our (now) 2 seat Bagheera be allocated to? I now have the answer..

The first event I have entered is an "AutoSolo" on March 22nd - driving quickly around a short, twisty, course made up of traffic cones. You only have to drive forwards and do not have to do clever tricks like spins and "handbrake turns" (in a Bagheera??). I have just been notified that my entry has been accepted and that I have been put in "Production 2 seat sports cars (built since 1974)". There are 12 cars in this class including Mazda MX5, Toyota MR2, Honda S2000 and MG TF. Should be interesting!

An early Bagheera, 1973 or 1974, would have been placed in "Historics" along with MG Midgets, Austin Healey Sprite, MGB GT and MGB GT V8.

At least they agree that he is not a "4 seat saloon" !

Since Baggy Joe will not be ready by March 22nd we shall be using our original Baggy Grey. Lord help me if I bend it! This type of event is intended for normal street cars and no special modifications are needed (nor special clothing or helmets)

Farnborough District Motor Club is at ...

and follow the link to "AutoSolo" for the regulations and entry list. There is also a description of what an "AutoSolo" is.


Title: Re: 3 seats or 2?
Post by: Anders Dinsen on March 05, 2009, 10:26:32 am
Bagheera is a class of its own! But on the other hand it may become a bit boring with a class with just one entry? Honda S2000 is a nice car...
I hope you will have fun there! :)

/ Anders