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Title: Jackie Stewart TV programme
Post by: andyowl on March 28, 2009, 11:09:35 am
For those who can receive the TV channel "BBC Four" there are programmes over Easter that are of interest to Matra enthusiasts: I got this yesterday from the MSA:-

Three documentaries produced by Mark Stewart Productions, "Jim Clark: The Quiet Champion'", "Graham Hill: Driven" and "Jackie Stewart: The Flying Scot", will be shown on BBC Four over the 2009 Easter weekend.

These motor-racing musketeers won seven Formula 1 world championships between 1962 and 1973: two each for Clark and Hill and three for Stewart. At a time when "sex was safe and motor-racing was dangerous", the young drivers were rivals and yet close friends, their stories often intertwined; but, as these intimate films clearly demonstrate, these were distinctive individuals whose lives unfolded in very different ways.

JIM CLARK: THE QUIET CHAMPION 1 x 59 minutes Currently scheduled (but not confirmed) for: 7.00pm, Easter Monday 13 April 2009 on BBC Four

An intimate portrait of Jim Clark, one of the most talented yet enigmatic sporting figures that Britain has ever produced. Combining rare archive film with the memories of family, friends and rivals, the film provides a  lovng portrait of a motor-racing genius, tragically illed at height of his career.

At the heart of the film are family home movies of Clark's life in the Scottish Borders; and an exclusive hoard of 'lost tapes' - candid interviews with Clark conducted by his close friend Graham Gauld during the mid-1960s - which show the shy driver in a surprising new light.

Apart from the rare experience of hearing Clark explain himself in his own voice, the film offers frank comments from his friends. Jackie Stewart, for example, remembers a string of races where he finished second to his fellow Scot: "We became known as Batman & Robin; and there was no doubt which was Batman and which was Robin."

For executive producer Mark Stewart (younger son of Jackie), making this documentary has been a poignant journey: "In late 1967, my parents asked Jim to be my godfather. For reasons we explore in the film, he never made it to the christening - but, 40 years on and working with my friend Mark Craig (who directed this film), I feel as if I've finally got to know the Jim Clark I never met."

To view a short trailer of the documentary go to:

JACKIE STEWART: THE FLYING SCOT 1 x 89 minutes Currently scheduled (but not confirmed) for:
7.00pm, Easter Sunday 12 April 2009 on BBC Four

Sir Jackie Stewart - winner of three F1 World Championships and 27 Grands Prix -will turn 70 this coming June 2009. 40 years ago, with his black cap and sideburns and the 1969 World Championship under his belt, Stewart became an unmistakable icon of the 1960s.

Friend and rival Emerson Fittipaldi remembers the period when "Planet of the Apes" - style hair was de rigueur: "It was a fashion in the sixties, the type of hair, the sideburns. I said, 'Why not? Jackie has sideburns and he's going fast, I have to have bigger ones to go even faster than him!'"

Beyond the world of motor sport, The Flying Scot is above all a compelling human story - and a comprehensive insight into the triumphs and tragedies of an eventful life. Stewart's driving career ended in 1973, at his 99th Grand Prix, where he won his third World Championship - and lost his friend and team-mate Francois Cevert. The film goes on to describe Stewart's subsequent rise as an internationally respected businessman and his successes with Stewart Grand Prix, his own F1 team.

The Flying Scot film includes contributions from many friends and colleagues, including Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, Sean Connery, Murray Walker and Edsel Ford, as well as the last-ever interview with the late Ken Tyrrell, without whom Stewart's career might have taken a very different turn.

Produced by Stewart's younger son Mark and award-winning director Mark Craig, the film is enriched with family photographs, home movies and scrapbooks kept by Lady Helen Stewart, documenting her husband's career.

To view a short trailer of the documentary go to:

GRAHAM HILL: DRIVEN 1 x 59 minutes Currently scheduled (but not confirmed) for:
7.00pm, Saturday 11 April 2009 on BBC Four

Mark Stewart Productions' film presents the compelling story of Graham Hill, an eccentric and charismatic Englishman from a forgotten era of motor sport.

To this day, Hill is the only driver to have won the 'triple crown' of motor racing: the Formula 1 World Championship (twice), the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24-Hours race. He also won the uniquely challenging Monaco Grand Prix five times - all this at a time when drivers routinely met with violent death.

Away from the circuit, the film reveals that Hill was an accomplished raconteur, a dashing figure with a keen eye for the ladies. In the tradition of Terry-Thomas and Leslie Phillips, his public persona was that of the
quintessential English cad - with a touch of Dick Dastardly.

As described by his friends and family, including his World Champion son Damon, Hill was an irrepressible free spirit who simply didn't know when to quit. Ultimately, this was to be his undoing. . .

To view a short trailer of the documentary, go to:

All three films have been made by the same award-winning team at Mark Stewart Productions: produced and directed by Mark Craig and executive produced by Mark Stewart.

For more information, DVD review copies or publicity images, please contact: Samantha Tilyard or Jemima Jenner-Fust Mark Stewart Productions
Telephone: 0207 727 9632

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Jackie Stewart TV programme
Post by: suffolkpete on March 28, 2009, 12:39:09 pm
Brings back memories of the sixties when I used to hang around Oulton Park circuit watching Touring Cars, F3 and F5000.  They often used to lay on treats between races and one of these was a demonstration lap by Jackie Stewart in a Mercedes classic racing car (W154?).  Another was a head to head race between Graham Hill and the rally driver Roger Clark in road legal Mk 2 Lotus Cortinas.  Hill won, of course, I don't think I've ever seen an inside front wheel lifted so far off the ground as he powered out of the corners.

Title: Re: Jackie Stewart TV programme
Post by: Lennart Sorth on March 28, 2009, 04:49:01 pm
Does anyone with "BBC Four" have the ability to record to harddisk ?  ... I am GOING to get myself a Mac mini with EyeTV etc, but I haven't ordered it yet, and even if I ordered it now, I wouldn't be able to have it ready in time for Easter.

If someone can record it to a file, then I could make it available here on the forum for the rest of the world :)


Title: Re: Jackie Stewart TV programme
Post by: andyowl on March 28, 2009, 09:51:05 pm
We have a Sky+ system which does record to an integral HD. We should be able to transfer to a DVD as well although I have never tried.

I will try but don't rely on me! No promises.

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Jackie Stewart TV programme
Post by: andyowl on April 16, 2009, 08:26:44 am
I failed to record the Jackie Stewart programme over Easter! The BBC changed the day of the programme and I only caught the end of the film by coincidence! My apologies to all who were interested.

As far as I can see they have not shown the other two films yet.

Andy Owler