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Title: Formula 1 parts?
Post by: Anders Dinsen on May 30, 2009, 10:09:23 pm
This is your chance to grab some interesting souvenirs, tokens or whatever: Toyota F1 team is putting parts for past cars up for sale on their web site. How about a complete rear wing? Or a brake caliper, a brake disc, or even a rim?


It would look real nice under the ceiling of your garage! Front rims are 200, rears 250, a brake disc at 200 is a bargain!, and the matching caliper from Brembo is just 300. Or how about a beautiful wishbone in carbon with flexure mountings for 200?

Take a look for yourself at



Title: Re: Formula 1 parts?
Post by: renaultbiler on June 19, 2009, 07:39:18 pm
I've previously seen Renault-F1 parts on ebay uk sold for charity purposes only - Renault gave a chosen organisation valuable F1 parts to sell exclusively to raise funds for their charity work :)

That would be much more preferred as i would never put anything from a Toyota in my garage ;D