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Title: Racer car simulation project
Post by: Anders Dinsen on March 07, 2006, 10:39:42 pm
There is a free program called Racer available which has fairly accurate modelling possibilities for cars. You can build a pysical model of the car, as well as a graphical model. (

There are about 200 car models available which people have contributed to the project, but there are no Matras!! (

I sugges we do something about it.

Lennart has a 3D model of the Murena elsewhere on this web site, and while it may be a big task to build a Murena-model, I think it would be fun. Of course, if you have the real thing, why would you need a simulator?
  • Because other people can then experience what they are missing!
  • Because it would make it easy to try modifications of the car with different suspensions, engines, tyres!
  • Because you could train yourself in your car on well known race tracks like the Nurburgring Nordschleife before actually going there!

Are you interested in participating on building a good Murena model? We need 3D-modelling, car setup, testing etc.