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Title: Djet wipers
Post by: andyowl on June 22, 2009, 11:17:02 pm
May I pick your brains please?
I look after a Djet II for a member of the MECUK.

The next annual test is approaching and the wiper arms are giving trouble. The shafts emerging from the scuttle are around 8mm diameter but someone has filed or ground them down, very badly, until they are now around 6.5mm diameter. They may once have had splines to help locate the blades. Now they have nothing except a very rough and uneven un-circular surface.
The arms themselves have been modified, maybe in manufacturing originally, to extend them to provide an adequate swept area. The extra torque required coupled with the lack of splines has led "owners", including me perhaps, to overtighten the clamp screw in the arm to the point where the threads (M5) are now weakened or stripped.
We are investigating modifications to the arms to replace or at least improve the threads but there is very little left to play with. Helicoils require a larger thread and we are worried that the remaining light alloy ("Mazak?") may not survive.
What is the original design of the Djet II wiper shafts? I assumed that they would be Renault 8 (from which much of the Djet was sourced) but that may not be correct.
- Did they have splines or a locating "flat" on the shaft?
- What about the wiper arms? They do not seem to be Renault 8 as I expected.
- If we could find the source we could always extend them as others have done and maintain "originality".
- Perhaps the right solution would be to replace the shafts and try to source the correct arms.
Andy Owler

Title: Re: Djet wipers
Post by: MartB on July 21, 2009, 11:14:13 am
Hi Andy,
Sorry for the late reply.

The wiper shafts on the Djet are made by Marchal and are the same as mounted on Citroën Ami 6. They do have splines, but very small ones. The arms are also Marchal. I'm not sure what car they´re found on, but I think Simca (1300/1500). The blades are also Marchal and the same as on Simca (1300/1500 and coupé Bertone).


Title: Re: Djet wipers
Post by: andyowl on July 21, 2009, 04:33:36 pm
Dear Marten,

That's brilliant! I had almost given up hope and was going to order new ones made to measure by my local machinist tomorrow!

I now need to find the nearest classic Citroen specialist.

Thanks again.

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Djet wipers
Post by: andyowl on August 08, 2009, 09:45:48 am
Wiper problems solved. Thanks for the advice. MoT passed yesterday.

In the end I was unable to find quickly enough the Ami 6 shafts and my machinist friend made some new ones. He drilled out the old shafts and made new ones with a "parallel knurl" on the outer end. The new shafts were brazed onto the old cranks and I refitted it all in about an hour.

He also managed to fit an M5 "Helicoil" into the stripped thread on the arm and that is now back to "original" as well.

Thanks again.


Title: Re: Djet wipers
Post by: MartB on August 11, 2009, 09:56:46 pm
Nice work Andy. Glad to see that it worked out for you even though you didn´t find any Ami shafts.

So now it´s just to drive and enjoy.  :)