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Title: Murena rear hub nuts
Post by: roy4matra on June 24, 2009, 08:12:04 am
The large rear hub nuts on the Murena (36mm socket size) should be changed whenever they have been taken off, particularly with the method used for locking them.  Straking the collar into the cut in the drive-shaft means that after removing them, the thread is damaged and can damage the drive-shaft thread if they are re-used.  These nuts were getting too expensive for my liking, so I did a little investigating into why we could not get them anywhere.  It turns out that the thread is an unusual size, so these are not simply available 'over the counter'.

However, I have had some made and they are excellent, very much like the original with a cadmium plated finish.  They are made from EN8 steel, so well up to the hardness required.  They are priced at 6.75 each.  They will be advertised in the club magazine from the next issue onwards.  At least one European club so far has ordered a batch of these.  For large orders, please contact me directly