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Title: Espace 97-03 Engine Mounts
Post by: Will Falconer on January 25, 2004, 08:19:19 pm
Thanks Lennart for offering us Espace enthusiasts a forum.

My '99 24v has an appetite for breaking engine mount bolts. The first time it happened the gearbox mount came loose, allowing the driveshaft to pop-out and require replacement.

The second time, on January 1st, the bottom one under the timing belt sheared but I stopped quickly this time, just the driveshaft gaiter being damaged.

Too much power? Perhaps, but 1.6 Murenas suffer a similar problem.

Anyone else had this problem?

Title: Re:Espace 97-03 Engine Mounts
Post by: Lennart Sorth on January 25, 2004, 09:09:57 pm
Sounds terrible, - but as you know I have tried the "driveshaft-pop" as well, - on my Murena 1.9, until we got the legth right :-)

well, if its any consolation, I just had my Espace 94 td gearbox rebuilt, - as it had chewed a tooth of 1. gear ...

to much torque for the box, I guess. (or old age, - its done
well over 200.000km now)