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Title: The July issue of the magazine "Motorsport"
Post by: Lennart Sorth on June 26, 2009, 12:20:22 am
Just as I had returned from Le Mans at 01:30am Tuesday morning, I had to get up at 5am to get to the airport to fly to Denmark.
I have never in my life been too late at an airport - never ever -  and wasn't this time either - but still the airlines feel they it is quite OK for them to screw up things.  My flight was in "gate open 40 minutes too late" state, which later became 1h, and then finally shown as delayed, and it ended up being 2.5 hours delayed.

Now, had I been told this when I arrived in the airport (or even better on the Internet before setting off) I could have had some highly needed sleep.

as it was, I had to stay awake and follow the development.

Luckily the Servisair lounge subscribes to the magazine Motorsport, - journalists from which have several times has contacted me for Matra information, that would be "used for articles in spring 2009", and this July issue actually has a lot of Matra content - apart from having a very good feature article on Jimmy Clark.

* A two page article on the 1969 F1 World Championship (obviously Matra content here :-) )

* A full 6-page article on the development of 4WD F1 cars - quite a lot of Matra stuff - including a lovely picture of Jackie Stewart in the MS84 at Silverstone.

and a 2 page article about the abandoned track at Reims (or it appears these days not so abandoned, as everybody seems to go there)

This is the cover, so you know what to look for: