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Title: Please help me ...
Post by: Lennart Sorth on August 16, 2009, 02:18:56 am
My son has entered a charity banger-race -  - which runs from Rouen in France to the westernmost point in Portugal - Starts in the end of August..

To enter, each team must purchase a car for LESS than 250, MoT and insure it, and then drive it to Portugal :)

They have rather luckily been offered a Vauxhaull Vectra 2.0d for 250, even if I think it would be worth slightly more - but since this charity ...

Each team must also have a theme and a motto, and my son's team calls themselves Team KITT ... and yes, they have fitted red LED's on the front, and painted the beast matte black (on an quiet country road to keep the paint off our driveway - this was an experience in itself ... two foreign guys respraying a car in a deserted place ...  but they had brought the paperwork to show the very interested passers by :-) )

They have also fitted our previous BBQ to the roof (two 10mm bolts did the trick) - the idea being it looks like a satellite dish, and if they end up in a queue, they can light it and sell BBQ sausages and that way collect more for charity...

The race is on end of August and a the following week or two. Prizes are given for things like:
1) longest push
2) longest hitch-hike
3) most spectacular breakdown
4) making it at all

They sign up to collect money for, - and they would love to have as many contributions as possibe, - and as many Facebook friends as possible.


So please do what you can to get those three chaps going :-)

So please donate, or sign up as friend (if you are facebooked) - and follow the three guys in their adventure (two danes and one Lithuanian)


Title: Re: Please help me ...
Post by: Anders Dinsen on August 16, 2009, 08:14:58 pm
"Won't you pleeeease, please help me, help me, help meeeeeeeeee!" - why do I suddenly find myself singing that old Beatles song now, Lennart? ;)

I'm sure Morten is looking so much farward to this! I saw the photos on his facebook group. Glad they weren't arrested when they were caught painting the car ;D

I'm looking forward to following them. The charity looks very nice, so I'll see if I can persuade my employer (myself!) to make a donation ;)


Title: Re: Please help me ...
Post by: Lennart Sorth on September 01, 2009, 09:54:14 am
My sons tam HAS MADE IT ! - all the way to Portugal.

Using text-messaging-to-twitter it was possible to follow their progress at:

although there are several events I look forward to get a real explanation for.
Such as the guy who "crashed into a bus because he was looking at their car!"  :-)

 - I'm sure Morten will write up a longer story when he eventually makes it back,
but for now they plan on driving around for a  few weeks.

BIG thanks to those who supported on  (!)