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Title: Track laps at Brands Hatch
Post by: roy4matra on November 10, 2009, 07:18:02 pm
Graham Pryme is attending a track day at Brands Hatch on Thursday November 19th in his Murena 2.2 (See below for itinery).

He says he would be more than willing to give any MECUK members or fellow enthusiasts "Hot-ish" Laps" on circuit. However they would have to pay 10:00 to obtain a passenger wrist band to allow them on the circuit. They would not have to attend the drivers briefing to obtain these wrist bands, as they will be available throughout the day.

A very generous offer, thanks Graham.  Please contact him asap if you are going to take advantage of this offer.


Club MSV: Full Day on the Open Pit Lane at Brands Hatch
19 November 2009


07:30 Signing on
08:30 Safety briefing
09:00 Open lane begins
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Track time restarts
16:00 Track time ends