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Title: Drillium inferno
Post by: Spyros on December 07, 2009, 08:30:41 pm
Of course, some of you might have already seen my post on another forum.
I know that it gaves some ideas  ;)

Once upon a time (christmass period, so a good way to start telling stories ), I had one of these garage friend.
I'm sure you know what I mean. You've all had these types of friend that you only met at the garage.
This one was renting a box close to mine.
He was playing with various old car. Between others, a pair of prepared Audi Ur coupé. (crashed, of course)
And one day, he turned up with an old 911.
Some works, he had to change a wheel, came to me, and put a wheel nut in my hand.
 ??? Magnesium !
It feels like nothing, so light it is.
No wonder that these cars are running so good.
Yes, as Sir Isaac said, F=Ma.
The lighter the car, the less efforts to gather speed.

That was 10 years ago.
So in order to limit the weight of my cars, I decided to work on the driver weight.
And I put together an old race bike, seventies look.
Because of it, I applied an old way of decoration : The drillium.

Was is it ?
Removing weight by drilling all potential parts.

So, I had bought for nearly nothing an old sad horse

Not a real Colnago. A good frame but not that kind of bikes Ferrari.
Just stickers.

Got rid of this (

Choosed a TA out of my stock (

A bit of drillium, rid of the front derailleur ... (

Brakes levers ?

Drill them and polish them.
They will be more sexy

A Campa Grand Sport derailleur ?

And after the usual drillium treatment

And finaly a paint job.

But ... of course this is not a bike forum  ::)

So, can we apply the same to our old bags ?
Well yes   :D


Also some engine parts ...
But that was for another reason...

Clutch down to 5 Kg



And of course, this is the reason why I finaly complete my glas fiber panel

The parts to bolt it will be redone in Aluminium

Just a last example : the hinge of that front bonnet

On top the serie 2 (and murena) part : 666 Gr per side
On the bottom, got the serie 1 part down to 350 Gr (From 415 Gr)

So on these I won 632 Gr.

Yes, it might be seen as decoration only.
But I believe that applied to every part of a Bagheera, I might end up with quite a weight reduction

Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: andyowl on December 07, 2009, 09:23:59 pm
What a lot of holes!

I thought Bagheeras were self-lightening as they rust away. The trick is to put back only just enough steel to pass the annual test! But welding thicker steel is so much easier.

The drilled valve rocker is an interesting thought!

I recently put myself on a diet and lost 3kg. That saves a lot of drilling! "Power to Total Weight Ratio" is the target!


Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: Spyros on December 07, 2009, 10:23:37 pm
Rather than using thick steel, I stick to the self destructing gauge. However, in electrozinged modern better quality version.

The purpose of the bike was also to gain weight and I gained about 5 %.
We can also half fill the tank  ;)

Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: Stig on December 15, 2009, 05:21:24 pm
Hi Spyros,

Must apologize for not being Bagheera active for quite some time now.
One question popped up in my head when I read your drill report.

When you had the Bagh which you galvanized totally stripped did you the weigh the chassies?
It would be very interesting to know how much the chassie itself weighs.

The Bagheera is a fairly heavy car compared to for instance the Lotus Europa and a lightweight version may gain a lot in performance provided the the balance is kept.

Best regards,


Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: Spyros on December 15, 2009, 08:42:06 pm
According to the engineer who designed it, 185 kg
Heavy ...

But I don't have yet the idea to reproduce it totaly in carbon fiber ...

Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: Stig on December 15, 2009, 09:09:55 pm
I guess that there is not much to gain ilghtening the chassie.
Where is the weight hiding?
The outer GRP skin cannot be that many kilos.
All the glass is heavy of course and then we have the drive train and front suspension.
I actually thought that the chassie was heavier.

Anyway the little driving I actually did this summer was on the dirt roads around where I live and the Bagheera is really great fun there.

Title: Re: Drillium inferno
Post by: Spyros on December 15, 2009, 09:40:08 pm
I think the drive train is quite heavy. I suspect that in the Murena they gain weight in several ways.
No rear torsion bars so no heavy lever to attach them in the center, as an example.
But, most of what they gained was lost. The 2.2 must be much heavier than the 1.6 but in comparison with the Murean gearbox, our 4 speed AT box is almost weighting nothing