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Title: Becoming a member on the forum
Post by: Anders Dinsen on January 19, 2010, 05:40:11 am
Hi all "Matraciens"

Everyone interested in Matra is very welcome as a member here on the forum to share thoughts, problems, ideas, events - just anything!

But recently, we've had a few spammers registering. The new way of spamming forums appears to be that someone registers an account manually, and then distributes it to a bot-net. A bot-net is 1000's of computers infected with a virus, allowing the virus maker to use the computer to send out other viruses and spam. There was quite a few messages to delete before we managed to stop that account!

So we have introduced a new procedure for becoming a member: New accounts will now have to be approved manually by one of the administrators (Lennart and I). Please write one or two sentences to us about why you're interested in the forum, and we'll approve you as quickly as we can.

Welcome to the Matra forum!

/Anders 8)

Title: Cleaning up New Member registrations
Post by: Anders Dinsen on June 17, 2011, 05:38:58 pm
We have had hundreds of users registering on the forum recently - 99% obvious spammers. We do what we can to approve real members and reject everyone else so we can continue having a content rich, spam free forum. So far we've been successful :)

Today I have had to do a bulk deletion of a lot new members. Unfortunately, there's a chance that I have deleted a few real new member registrations  in the process. So if you wonder why you have not yet been approved, please do not hesitate to register again. Feel free to write me an e-mail if you have any problems.