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Title: 2002 dci engine loom/sensor faults
Post by: BrianM on January 20, 2010, 08:30:53 pm
Hi, I have here a dci with 9 faults logged in the ecu that won't go away. Checking one of them (air flow sensor) there is a high resistance between one lead of the afm plug & the ecu socket!! Now as far as I can tell there is no connector in-line so where is the bad connection causing the hr, the connectors look good as far as I can see.
    df 091 sensor supply no. 1 volts
    df 084 egr valve position sensor circuit
    df 074 boost pressure sensor
    df 071 track 1 pedal sensor circuit = 1. def sensor feed fault
    df 019 air flow sensor circuit = 1. def sensor feed fault
    df 067 fuel pressure sensor circuit  = 1.def sensor feed fault
    df002 water temp sensor circuit = 1. def sensor feed fault
    6g torque reduction = open circuit or cc to earth
    12g pressure mod solenoid valve circuit 3 = open circuit or cc to earth
I know I need to check main fuses & master earths, just wondering if anyone has the wiring diaf .pdf for this as my Renault wiring disk is corrupt. I have been looking at Laguna but would rather have the right one.
Any known faults?
Also before I go, I replaced the ecu, bii, & key transponder on this vehicle because of a duff ecu.  I have had to remove the alarm fuse because it keeps going off, it no longer works with the central locking. Has it noticed being tampered with? Is there a easy reset or done with clip proggramming.
Thanks in advance

Title: Re: 2002 dci engine loom/sensor faults
Post by: BrianM on March 01, 2010, 11:50:34 pm
Thought I would bring this thread up to date.
The big issue is df091 sensor supply volts. All my sensors showed 5v so it was a little baffling. In Clip it was one of the last in the list so I didn't get to it first. Once I read up on the fault code it became apparent that if this shows then it is a fault with one of the main sensors in the list. You have to check each one & the wiring from the ecu to the sensors. Of course the fault was the last one I checked!! It was not visable, but measuring across its connector all three wires appeared connected together. Even though the ecu was disconnected. This was the fuel pressure sensor. So where to look for the fault? I happened to choose the right end of the cable, the sensor end. With the engine top covers off the wires appeared ok. I slit the tape so I could see the cable that was within the trunking, there is around 5cm of it ar the sensor end. Also within it is the injector cable. Well all five wires had melted together!!
The engine would run but with no response to the throttle, so just tickover. I am amazed tha it ran at all.
Hope this may help others.