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Title: Bagheera water expansion bottle alternative
Post by: andyowl on March 23, 2010, 06:44:30 pm
If you have ever had a problem with the glass water expansion bottle, or more likely with the vacuum/pressure relief valve in the stainless steel cap,  take a look at eBay item 280482544811 on sale at the moment (Tuesday 23rd March). It is used in various Renault cars of the period and I was given one by my Alpine Renault friend last year. Brilliant. Not a drop of water lost, nothing leaks and no breakages. Also lighter in weight and non-breakable.

The only difference is that the connection to the radiator goes to the bottom of the bottle and you need to take a small 25mm piece of wood to lift the Renault bottle off the support platform. I will take a picture of my installation so show how we fitted  it.