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Title: Alternator
Post by: rills on June 24, 2006, 07:13:43 pm
Dose someone know where all the cabels from the alternator gose?
Dose anyone know what M3, M5 och HC8 are


Title: Re: Alternator
Post by: Spyros on July 18, 2006, 09:25:53 am

Do you still have the problem ?
If yes, I can check this for tomorrow.

Which model of Bagheera do you have ? This is important since the Electrical scheme is different on most models

From my memory, this scheme is of a 1979 model.
HC8 is going to the "Boitier Molex" Which is nothing else than the electric check of the oil level ( the symbol is the same as the plug on the dip stick ) = M9
M12 = Fuel gauge
M2 = starter
M10 = Alternator ( which model do you have )
M6 = bobine
M8 = Distributor
M13 = condensator ( radio parasits )
M3 = connexions between 2 segments of the circuit
M4 = Electric relay for the rear screen defrosting
M5 = I believe the Diagnostic connector plug  ( to check)
M11 = the black box on the right, just below the surface of the engine department: This is the logic for the oil dipstick

But more than this, you need to understand the cabling codes.
Look on the M10, the alternator.
4 cables are plugged to it.
From the top :
- 3 No No to the Minus
   No = Noir : black in french. This is a black cable with a connector with a black dot ( the second No)

- 3 Rg Ve to D+
     Rg = Rouge : red in french and Ve = Vert : green in french. Thus a red cable with a green dot on the white connector

- 3 Rg something i cannot read : again a red cable going to the EXT of the alternator ( I believe it's a connector with a black dot)

- 3 Rg Rg : a red cable with a red dot : this is the +

Other things you can see on these lines : where the cables are going and the section of the cable ( usefull to distinguish big cables )
Like M20----110---3 No No : the first cable is linked to the M20 this is the massa.
and 110 is the section : a tick black cable

Or M3 M4 ---10--- 3 Rg Rg : the cable joining the alternator and starter is also linked to M3 and M4

Does that help ?

If needed, you can contact me as on the Bagheera-café

Title: Re: Alternator
Post by: rills on July 21, 2006, 01:22:18 am
Yes that helpt me a litelbit...
I loked on my car and on my wiering diagram....some one has made an own wiering in my now i have mad my own, and soon i am gona make my on wiering diagram =)

Title: Re: Alternator
Post by: Spyros on July 24, 2006, 03:58:38 pm
If I'm not wrong you can still find the original wiring at Hb Pièces.