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Title: New 6 mm hose connection plus cold start mechanisms removed
Post by: Anders Dinsen on May 17, 2010, 09:54:11 pm
Fuel leaking out of the cold start (choke) mechanism on Weber DCOE carburettors is a well known problem, particularly when carbs are inclined like they are on the Murena S-manifold (no less than 15 degrees there). There's no cure, but the mechanism, which is open in the bottom, where it sucks in air, can be replaced with blanks, which will improve the situation.

But what about cold starting the engine?

I'm happy to report that with the DCOE's that's not a problem at all: Fuel runs so well down the barrels and into the engine, even when it's cold, so a single splash with the accel jets is all that's necessary to start the engine on even the coldest days.

Compare with the photo from August last year:

Last year I replaced the cotton braid hoses with quality nitrile fuel injection hose. I had a short piece of 6 mm hose running from the tank to the filter - this was not replaced then, but it started cracking in the surface. A word of warning: This particular hose piece is 6 mm fuel injection hose from Biltema. Not recommendable, I'm afraid!