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Title: New distributor
Post by: Matra_Hans on May 31, 2010, 06:05:53 pm
Some time ago my Rancho started to run on 3 cylinders, after a few km the engine stopped, and I had to have the car towed back home. This is the first time the Rancho has let me down over the many km I have been driving in it.
I checked the distributor cap and it had a very clear crack, so I ordered a new fro Simon plus a new rotor and 4 spark plugs.
Unfortunately the new distributor cap did not help; there was still absolutely no ignition on the engine. I took the distributor off and started to take it apart, which was a little difficult due to some rust on the shaft, but I soon realized that the unit that gives impulses to the ignition coil was damaged. The stationary part of the unit had become loos and as a result the rotating part was damaged.
I have 5 similar engines stored but all of them had distributors that were different from this engine. The engine in question used the Hall effect system.
I checked Bosch AGs home page for the par number but the sad informoration was that the part was discontinued and there were no alternative parts available. Simon did not have exactly that type of distributor, but he had alternatives that could be used, but I gues that I then will have to change other parts of the ignition system.
However searching the German e-bay I found a company called Samhammer AG "Bosch_Klassik_Teilevermittlung" they had the correct unit in store at a price of 225 Euro.
I will receive the distributor in a day or two, and then the Rancho will most likelly be up and running again.


Title: Re: New distributor
Post by: Anders Dinsen on June 02, 2010, 06:23:20 am
225 for a new distributor doesn't sound that bad... hope you're running again soon!