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Title: Urgent - special offer - AutoSolo July 4th Hampshire/Surrey
Post by: andyowl on June 20, 2010, 09:33:04 am
Urgent....Special offer if you have a streel legal Matra! (Or any other car actually!)

Farnborough District Motor Club have a special offer for an "entry level" AutoSolo at Aldershot on July 4th 2010. Spend a day competing against others in your class around four twisty courses set out on a very large tarmac parade ground. Forward driving only. Reversing and handbrake turns are not necessary! Timed to the 0.1 second you are competing against the clock. This is non-contact motorsport!

If you car is prior to 1980 you will be in "Classics" (along with my Bagheera and a number of MGs). For younger cars there is a simple class structure.

Cost is 35 + 5 one day membership of the club.

The car must have tax and insurance (+ MoT if necessary) and be driven to the event.  Trailers are not normally allowed. No car modifications are required although they are allowed e.g. tuned or different engines. The driver does NOT need a competition licence nor even a road licence although getting there is a problem if you don't have one! The entry fee for under 21 years old is 25 not 35. A driver of 16 years old is allowed to drive a car already entered even if they don't have a road licence or insurance. It is well known that sons and daughters are always quicker than Mum or Dad! No need for special clothing, helmet or gloves (you are lucky to get out of 2nd gear!)

for more details, regulations and an entry form.

Some come and join the fun! Raise the Matra profile! Show me how to do it (please!!)

Email or call me for more info [+44 (0) 137 284 4152]