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Title: MECUK competition "team"
Post by: andyowl on October 04, 2010, 01:15:58 pm
Pictures from the Sprint yesterday at the former RAF Debden airfield near Stansted.

Graham Pryme (2.2 Murena) and Andy Owler (1.6 + Supercharger Bagheera)

We are in different classes as the supercharger is regarded as a "modification" whereas the upgrades Graham has added still allow him to enter as "Roadgoing".

It would be good to have others joining us!


Title: Re: MECUK competition "team"
Post by: GP on October 05, 2010, 07:53:22 am

See results above.

The Murena was double entered with a highly experienced (lightweight) racer/sprinter and hillclimber sharing the car with me. I use him regulary for set up and driving instruction  (plus his car was broken).

I was number 28 and did my run first (just to warm the tyres and brakes up for him obviously). He then competed as number 128 and only beat me by 2 secs. which is an improvement on the 5 secs. he beat me last time he drove the car. He was only 1 sec. off 3rd. place even with a mistake on track, which was a pretty good result. I must reduce the pie intake for next year, but I am going in the right direction! ;D

We both decided to retire though after the 1st. run due to the monsoon conditions and the inherent risks involved with a mid-engined car. Live to fight another day Rodney I say!


Title: Re: MECUK competition "team"
Post by: andyowl on October 05, 2010, 10:21:10 am
Thank you for posting the link to the results of the Debden Sprint. Makes interesting reading!

My Bagheera is clearly "outclassed" in my class (Class 9: Modified Limited/Specialist Production Cars over 2000cc) and I think I need to re-open the debate with the regional championship organiser as to which class we should be in.

Even if we were to be in the class I consider appropriate (Class 3: Road-going Series/Specialist Production Cars over 2000cc) along with your 2.2 Murena I would have been 10th out of 12 entries. No competition there then!

Your Murena has the smallest engine in that class anyway with the majority being over 3 litres! My "Baggy Joe" at 1592cc x the 1.4 factor because of the supercharger would be rated at 2223cc. You would still have the smallest engine!

An alternative is to fit an early Bagheera 1293cc engine (1293 x 1.4= 1803cc) and be in the 1401-2000 class and be beaten by a Renault Spider (1998cc) and a Peugeot 405 LeMans 5 door saloon (also 1998cc). At least they are both French!

Good fun!


Title: Re: MECUK competition "team"
Post by: Murena IRL on October 05, 2010, 10:49:43 pm

Good time indeed Graham. Not far off the Ferrari  355  8)

Title: Re: MECUK competition "team"
Post by: andyowl on October 14, 2010, 11:23:03 am
Some more pics from Debden.

Interesting comparison in the roll angles Murena vs Bagheera!