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Title: Installing Cruise Control in Grand Espace JE 2001 2.016V
Post by: Mikael on August 17, 2006, 03:11:07 pm

I'm the proud new owner of a silver Grand Espace JE 2001 2.0 16V automatic. When the car was announced for sale, it was supposed to have cruise control installed (it has lots of other goodies like automatic climate control, remote control with display for the CD-changer stereo, Xenon lights etc). But when I arrived at the autoshop I discovered that the cruise control was missing. I bought it anyway because it was luuv at first sight.

I then contacted the workshop in Oslo (Norway) that is usually recommended for doing work that involves complicated auto stuff involving electronics etc, and after thinking for a couple of days they called back and said that they wouldn't do it cause they couldn't guarantee a successful result due to all the complicated electronics in the car and that Renault refuses to give out enough information.

I had earlier gotten the impression that installing a system from for instance Waeco was supposed to be almost DIY, so I was naturally very disappointed. If there's one thing wrong with the car, it's the fact that my foot gets tired after hours on the pedal, so I would really like to get a computer to give me a break once in a while.

So my question is: Have any of you guys done an aftermarket CC installation? Is it hard? Who can do it? And how many friday beers will I have to skip to finance it?



Title: Re: Installing Cruise Control in Grand Espace JE 2001 2.016V
Post by: Anders Dinsen on August 17, 2006, 07:21:12 pm
Hi Mikael

Welcome to the forum!

Fitting a cruise control is not straight forward on a modern car. It has to be done correctly, otherwise it won't work properly.

They need a tach signal and a way to drive the throttle, and then the stalk switch fitted to the steering column. I think the best option is to get the tach signal from the CAN bus if they can find a module that talks CAN, and then just need to fit a clutch switch to disengage the cruise control if the clutch is depressed. It may also be possible to break into the wiring to one of the ignition coils and steal an RPM signal from there, but the CAN solution would be better. The throttle is mechanical (no "drive by wire" on this car), so that should not be a problem either.

But if Renault can't provide them with a ftting guide or documentation, then I can understand why they are reluctant.

What kind of documentation do they need? A wiring diagram for the engine?

- Anders

Title: Re: Installing Cruise Control in Grand Espace JE 2001 2.016V
Post by: Mikael on August 17, 2006, 11:00:57 pm
Hi, thanks for answering!

I just skimmed through the installation manual for the Waeco MS-400 unit (, and according to the manual there are many ways of getting a signal. Since I have an automatic transmission, I should use a speed signal, not a rev signal, and if it is not possible to get this out of a bus or computer, Waeco provides a magnetic sensor that can get a signal from anything that rotates. Also since it is an automatic, there is no clutch switch, a connector for the brake light is provided, and you can even get an infrared remote control switch and attach it with double-sided tape to the steering wheel instead of fitting a stalk switch.

In short, the manual is there with detailed instructions and appears to have solutions for everything. It still just a little to complicated for me, I don't have the necessary tools and nowhere to park the car while working on it (and, I have to admit, I simply don't have the balls to try :))'

But why should this be too risky for an experienced autoshop? Does Waeco promise too much?


Title: Re: Installing Cruise Control in Grand Espace JE 2001 2.016V
Post by: Anders Dinsen on August 18, 2006, 12:12:44 pm
I just looked at the link you gave, and I tend to agree with you that it should not be too big a problem and you should have a second go at your garage trying to ask them again why they will not do it. Bring the connection diagram to them this time.

It may be that they are afraid of having to reverse engineer everything from scratch, which I understand if Renault will not provide them with information. Espace is a little unknown here in Scandinavia. I once called Renault Denmark to get some info, and they asked me for the VIN, which I gave. When they found out it began with VF8, they said "it's not a Renault!". Renault VIN's begin with VF1.

- Anders