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Title: Flat Battery from Overnight
Post by: jag on May 06, 2011, 03:29:34 pm
Hi All - I got into our bloved espace the other day and was somw what surprised to find it totall dead - not even a click from the starter solenoid - indicating that the battery was totallt dead - no dash lights no nothing. Other than i very faint bleep  coming some where from within the dash - Sounded like the alarm trying to come on but you could  hadly hear it.
 Yet my wife used the car the previous night, but anyway got the car jump started and left it for a while and tried to start it after about  an hour but dead again. I jumped started it again with another car and checked the voltage across it on idle and i was getting about 14.34 volts, which to me indicated that the charging circuit was working, then I tried it on load with all light, heaters, etc on full blast and my voltage hardly altered. So I thought perhaps i had a fault within my battery.
I disconnected the battery and took it back to the supplier as it still under warranty till Dec 2011, it's onyl about 1.5 years old. He said he tested it and said that my battery was fine, as he charged it up and said that it had held its charged upon checking the next day. I have put it bakc into the car and it seemed fine yesterday. But will try it out today and see what develops. I was thinking of swapping batteries with my peugeot 206 (1.4 hdi) and see if the fault follows the battery or whether i have an intermittent fault within the electrics of my Espace. Has anyone else experienced this type of fault -or does anyone konw of any inherent problems within the alarm circuit as a poss cause of fault. I will try the car out over the next few days nad repory back.

Regards Jag

Title: Re: Flat Battery from Overnight
Post by: jack daniels on May 06, 2011, 10:06:09 pm
I would swap batteries first since you have another available.

Title: Re: Flat Battery from Overnight
Post by: BrianM on May 18, 2011, 05:53:17 pm
Sounds like you have a major drain of the battery. Try disconnecting the alternator. You could put a bulb in circuit to see if you have current or get yourself an ammeter, inductive one would be best then you just hold the meter on a wire to see if it has current.