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Title: Zentral locking system issue for experts
Post by: Sommerby on May 27, 2011, 08:33:10 pm
I have succesfully relaced the originally keys with folding keys.

In order to get the remote lock / unlock working I have installed the relay which belongs to the keys in the upper mid console where I have connected the relay switches in parrelel with the lock / unlock botton located in upper mid console.  I was very happy and prout since this setup was working perfectly but .......there is a strange problem that I can't figure out.   When I close the door and press the lock button on the key the doors lock perfectly.  If I then press the unlock button on the key within approx 5 minutes it works perfectly too.  The problem occurs when the car has been locked for a longer period than appox 5 minutes since the door then refuse to unlock when pushing the unock button on the key even that the relay is clicking.
If I then "manually" unlock the door with the key and open the door, the key lock and unlock buttons works again? 

Do anybody have an idea of what can be the problem?   

Title: Re: Zentral locking system issue for experts
Post by: renaultbiler on May 28, 2011, 07:26:11 pm
Not that i consider myself an expert, but i choose to reply anyhow.

The central door locking button feed is cut after a while (sleep), meaning you will depend on BII getting active (by several means) before it wakes up the feed again. This feed is - i believe - given from 16 track Black connector track 7 (opening command +12v output)

Without having checked with wiring books, i think you must source a steady +12v to the opening command on the button - that again passes this to 26 track Yellow connector track 5 (opening command input)

in short terms, measure where you have 12v on the button when its awake - and check where it is missing when entered sleep mode - it should be okay to connect a different 12v source there - but i would prefer to run it through a relay to prevent sending 12v foreign down towards the original feed.

But if this is sufficient i dont know - perhaps you have to wake up the BII in order for it to accept any opening command at all - maybe toggle the door switch through remote controlled relay.......?.......

Title: Re: Zentral locking system issue for experts
Post by: Sommerby on May 29, 2011, 11:38:56 am
Hi RenaultBiler

Many thanks for your reply. Just what I needed to know :-)

If I can succed in pulling 2 wires from the door switch to the upper mid console it may be possible to solve the issue.  I can then connect the wires on the switch parrellel with the aux terminals on the rely and use the third button on the foldingkey to activate the BII

I don't know how to identify the tracks on BII connections?  If I could easily identify the tracks and the wire colors I could place the relay in the BII compartment and make all the connections there.

Title: Re: Zentral locking system issue for experts
Post by: renaultbiler on May 29, 2011, 05:46:29 pm
SS1 Track 23 is drivers door-open command from door switch / 0v ,so if you put 0v on pin 23 it should tell the BII that door is open (and probably wake it up)

SP Track 6 is positive feed close command central lock button
SP Track 7 is positive feed opening command central lock button

ECH Track 5 is opening command / 12v ,so this should get 12v when pressing open on central lock button.
ECH Track 18 is close command

Attached images to clear these connectors and their locations up

Be careful when working with this - take out the BII and measure signals before you do anything else.