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Title: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: Bagheera Lars on September 05, 2006, 02:50:21 pm
Hi  Matra-colleges.

I Have this lovely old Blue Bagheera 1 S. It is close to perfect... Vinyl-sunroof have seen better days. Where do I get a new one?. At the int. meeting in Northern Germany last year, I talked to the fellow with the two Galvanized Bagheeras. He told that he got a brand new from HB-Pieces. I have tried to contact them, without any respond... Can anybody Help me? ???

And to those who joined Matra Club Denmarks Summermeeting, last Weekend...thank you for a very nice weekend.


Lars Tjřrnelund

Title: Re: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: Anders Dinsen on September 05, 2006, 09:42:57 pm
Selvtak! Pictures are on the way!!

Title: Re: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: Spyros on October 13, 2006, 02:18:51 pm
Hi Lars,

The fellow with 2 galvanized bags. Do you mean another Lars ?
Last time I visited HB, I saw a very limited number of vinyl roofs...
I believe less than 5. They might be gone by now.

Another possibility would be UK, to find left overs from the OEM.

Title: Re: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: Bagheera Lars on October 16, 2006, 02:57:38 pm
Hi Spyros.

I cant remember if his name was Lars. Two Bagheera 2, one silver and the other a kind of light blue or green, with tan Leather interieur.
The UK-dealer OEM....who is that? and does he have a mail-address?

Is your yellow "S" still running? And how about the "Bagheera-register"? Is it possible to go in to see how many, and who is registered? I would still very much like to know how many Bagheera 1"S" there has been produced.


Title: Re: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: Spyros on October 17, 2006, 08:27:42 am
Hi Lars,

Following the description of the Bagheera, yes, that's Lars ;)

Just to confirm

Taken this summer before we went on the track.
I was not in shape to drive this time due to some illness ( I had lost any balance and I believe this is needed), so this left me a lot of time to take pictures


I was passenger in another Serie 1 S when I took this picture.

If you are wondering where it was, the following picture should help you

UK Oem dealer, I just forgot the well known name  ( maybee tomorrow) but it closed down and sometimes some parts are still found there but ... not easy

My Bagheera S Yellow has had a rear restoration ( see our Bagheera-café ( sorry it's still only french speaking) and on Saturday we just had a night rally with it ( Bagheera are perfect cars for this exercise)

The published inventorium is in free access.
See here (
This file is 1 year old and today, I have exactly 40 S Serie 1 known there (some known as destroyed, most of them in restoration but an amazingly high number.

We have put somewhere on the Bagheera-café the right number of each types produced.

I've also this on the road now...  ;D


Wheels soon changed for other ones

Title: Re: Vinyl Sunroof
Post by: lewisman on May 27, 2007, 11:35:45 pm
I realise that this is an old posting but in case you haven't resolved your sunroof problem:

When I had my Bagheera in the 80s the sunroof was aready starting to split where the folding part starts.  I am pretty sure the original manufacturer has gone out of business even then. 

I had it re-covered by a firm who specialised in convertible/cabriolet roofs.  They did a decent job but despite asking for the threads on the fixings to be repaired (three of the four or five bolts had snapped) I had to carefully remove the new cover and replace the broken fixings myself.

There is a guy in London who specialises in this type of sunroof. I haven't used him myself but he seems to have a good reputation.

Peter Harvey - Sunroof/folding roof specialist esp Webasto/Britax

Tel: 020 7231 0101