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Title: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: andyowl on September 22, 2011, 11:15:20 am
May I intrude in the Murena section to ask the following questions about the clutch fitted to the 1.6Litre Murena? This duplicates the same questions asked today in the Bagheera section.  Thanks....

I am having releasing troubles with the clutch fitted to the 1592cc engine in my competition Bagheera "Baggy Joe".

It has always been necessary to push the clutch pedal right to the floor to disengage the clutch. The "free-play" at the top of the stroke seems a little large but is not easily adjustable. We have compared the travel and free-play on the slave cylinder with the one fitted to my original 1442cc 1977/8 Bagheera and they seem very similar. There are no obvious fluid leaks.

But it occurred to me that the 1592cc engine as fitted in the Murena may use different clutch master and slave cylinders and maybe a different clutch unit entirely to cope with the huge extra power increase (!).

These are the Bagheera part numbers for the 1977/8 1442cc engine. Does anyone know whether they are different for the Murena 1.6 engine? I need to fit them early next week at the latest (3 Sprints in the next 5 weeks and the end of the Southern Area Championship - I'm inline to win my Class this year!)

- Clutch assembly (up to 1979  with a 180mm diameter driven plate) Delcourt kit # 33400500
(The later 190mm (200mm?) kit is Delcourt # 33400600)

Note: "Steve" (in an email to the Matra-cars-forum 31.1.07) said the 1.6 Murena (1979/81) had a 200mm clutch in Quinton Hazel kit QKT209AF 

- Pressure plate alone (200mm) was C992AF
- Release bearing alone CCT271 (1442cc 1977onwards Bagheera had Delcourt 30100700

- Master cylinder (1442 Bagheera 1977 onwards) Matra # 00305795 00
- Slave cylinder (1442 Bagheera 1977 onwards) Matra # 00559477 14.
I also have Lockheed/Girling number LL21115 for the complete slave cylinder

Any light you can shed would be most helpful.

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: suffolkpete on September 22, 2011, 03:13:52 pm
I can confirm the clutch assembly part number QKT209AF as I fitted one of these units to my 1.6 after the engine rebuild.  The pedal is, if anything a little on the high side.  I couldn't decipher the numbers on the master cylinder, but the slave cylinder is a DBA unit and appears to bear the numbers 135 991818.  Unfortunately, the page with the Matra part numbers is missing from my Murena parts book.

Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: andyowl on September 22, 2011, 07:35:25 pm
Camberley Auto Factors recognised the QH part number for the Murena Clutch and I have ordered one for delivery tomorrow. I will report back on what it contains.

Matra Magic also confirmed that the Bagheera and Murena 1.6 clutch hydraulics are both the same.



Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: Bart_Maztra on September 27, 2011, 05:52:35 pm
Regarding the murena 1.6 clutch slave cilinder: see this topic,1420.0.html (,1420.0.html)

Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: andyowl on September 27, 2011, 09:12:03 pm
Thanks for the link to the Murena thread on clutch cylinders. Very helpful!

Progress so far.....

The Murena 200mm Clutch kit arrived on time but it is too big to fit the Bagheera flywheel!

I have removed the flywheel from my spare 1.6 engine but that is too big for the Bagheera "Bell Housing" (joins the engine to the gearbox).

So I ordered another 190mm Borg & Beck friction plate which arrived today. The old plate is worn but not so much that the rivets are coming through. My plan is to fit the new friction plate onto the old pressure plate and flywheel tomorrow (Wednesday)

We therefore have a Bagheera flywheel fitted to a Murena engine and I seem to have no choice in the short term but to live with it! In fairness the existing system has lasted nearly three seasons of strong competition use, two of those years with the supercharger, and it is not yet fully worn out. My only theory to explain the apparent "clutch drag" (the inability to release the friction plate completely) is that the friction plate distorts when it is hot. The movement from the Baggy Joe slave cylinder is similar to that in our original Baggy Grey so I conclude we are OK there.

I would like to reduce the "free play" (the distance the pedal moves before the clutch release bearing starts to operate the pressure plate). It seems to be larger than necessary. The only way to change that distance seems to be to add a washer under the pivot of the clutch release arm. Has anybody tried that?

Andy Owler

Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: RazorbackNOR on October 01, 2011, 10:04:44 am
For removing the clutch slave, was it enough to just renovering the circlip?
Mine seems to be rusted solid because of some leaking/spilled brakefluid....

If anybody has any ideas.....

Title: Re: Murena 1.6 clutch parts
Post by: andyowl on October 01, 2011, 10:35:57 am

Baggy Joe is back together and the clutch seems fine. I am just about to take him for a test run before loading him onto the trailer for the Sprint tomorrow at Debden.

My only worry is that the silencer seems to be getting louder and more rattley! When we had it off some metal fragments came out of the tail pipe. Maybe the baffles are breaking up! I may take a spare silencer to change if he fails the noise test!


PS. Anybody interested in a Murena 1.6 clutch kit? Never fitted! Half price + P&P?