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Title: Aux Drive Replacement & ABS Light won't go off.
Post by: jag on October 22, 2011, 01:38:19 pm
Hi all, it's been a while , need some help / tips with a couple of things that need doing on 'La Espace'.
First of all my ABS light won't go and keeps on bleeping at times. So last week had a look at the front 2 abs sensors ( didn't get time to check back ones at the mo) and found that on both sides had a fair bit of grease around the abs toothed ring due to excess grease that would have come out of the cv boots. Although the clips on both sides seem very secure but suppose the grease will come out of  somewhere if it used excessively, which I think it may have been. As I had the cv boot clips (both) replaced a few months ago and noticed that the chap had put quite a lot of grease within. Any way checked the resistance of the sensors all fine and throughly cleaned up the toothed wheels on both sides. I havn't noticed the ABS trying to come on whilst driving normally, but does the ABS light need re-setting with a Diagnostic checker or does it go off if you do a certain speed for so long ?  Or one of the rear sensors is at fault, which I havn't had a look at yet.  Any help appreciated.
Whilst I was messsing around under the car with the sensors, I thought I'd better just check the condition of the Aux Belt and it defo needs replacing. It's quite a long belt and was trying to figure how to release thwe tensioner to remove it. I didn't try too hard as I didn't want to take it off cos I didn't have a spare. I have now purchased a spare and would appreciate if someone could telll me how easy  / hard it is to remove and replace ???
Regards Jags

Title: Re: Aux Drive Replacement & ABS Light won't go off.
Post by: BrianM on October 22, 2011, 02:36:44 pm
I have had the same problem with the grease comming past the cv boots. The cv is a sealed unit & should not let grease past the boot. The problem is old boots & the cold weather, the rubber has become hard & is no longer flexiable enough especially on full lock. On my alfa i replaced the clips twice & even though i cleaned all the grease from the cv & the boot, they failed to seal for very long. On full lock they are pulling off the cv. Third attempt I cleaned them & used windscreen rubber sealant to bond them on. You cant drive the car for 12 or so hours to guarantee the bond has gone off but that was not an issue. Now they are bonded on it is not a problem with leaky boots.
Most aux belts will go on by turning the crank with a spanner & working the belt on to the pullys. The tensioner will pull back to the right amount of tension when you are finished.

Title: Re: Aux Drive Replacement & ABS Light won't go off.
Post by: jag on October 23, 2011, 04:21:09 pm
Just started to notice that upon switching the ignition on, can feel a hum on the brake pedal, this hum eventually disappears upon the engine starting up . Hope it's not the ABS pump trying to tell me summat - Cringe !!!  Now I know they are expensive.  Any one had this type of problem with their beloved Espaces or other Renaults ?

Title: Re: Aux Drive Replacement & ABS Light won't go off.
Post by: jack daniels on October 23, 2011, 09:19:38 pm
Aux belt:   if it's like the petrol model then...

use a long 13mm spanner on the pulley center bolt on the tensioner. Pull the spanner back towards the front bumper so that the belt goes slack.
then put a 4 or 5mm allenkey 55mm long thru the pully assy so that it touches the motor block.
relax the spanner and the allenkey will snag on the block so that the tensioner wont tension up again, the belt will remain slack.

yoy may need to try a couple of times to get the allen key ( or similar ) to hook on to the block

Title: Re: Aux Drive Replacement & ABS Light won't go off.
Post by: renaultbiler on October 24, 2011, 11:49:42 am
If its faulty ABS unit it can be repaired at a desent price, but try to get someone to read and clear faultcodes.
I have experienced this kind of problem after working with brakes and it for some reason stores a pump faultcode that only can be reset and cleared by diag tool. Its worth a try!