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Title: Radiator Replacement for Espace 2.2 DTi with A/C
Post by: jag on March 27, 2012, 02:38:21 pm
Hi to all. I have got hold of a Replacement water radiator for my espace for 20 from a breaker who seems to have quite a few espace spares. The radiator is obviously second hand and showing signs of some of surface rust but no leaks. So i thought worth trying for 20.  I needs some help and advice about the replacement  and the bleeding.
First of all the replacement, I have seen Renaultbiler's fotos and realise that i need to tkae the front of the espace apart, that seems fine. This is assuming that the Rad will be removed from the top. But after doing all that can i remove the radiator on its own from the car without having to disconnect the oil cooler and the fans and the air con rad. Or do all of these 3 things come out as one. If so is there any difficulty in separating these 3 items.   If I manage to successfully replace the Rad I need to know the process of bleeding the system.  According to the Espace manual I take it it's from 3 bleed points. Two of which are shown on the diagram for the Heater Matrices under the bonnet and the other one on the rad hose. The diagram shows it on the bottom hose but I also have a bleed point on the top hose, of which there is no mention in the manual. Any help would be most appreciated, I am planning to do it thiS Saturday and hoping to go away to Sunny Wales the week after. Many Thanks Jag