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Title: new fabrics for rancho
Post by: joe on April 15, 2012, 11:23:38 am

good morning


bagheera cafe club in collaboration with the european Matra clubs can start again manufacture of exhausted fabrics

 for that a subscription is now launched
now if you wish to take part in it

1) calculate the number of m2  you need ( 7 8 m2 for a bagh, 8.4m2 for a murena, 9.8 m2 for a murena velvet )
 2) multiply by the unit price net of tax
3) add the VAT (19.6% in France)
4)add one amount of 30 for the carriage costs colissimo
5) to pay :
 by bank transfert

IBAN FR76 1450 6004 2072 8127 8767 652
bank  : credit agricole Pouilly sous charlieu 42720

or with paypal:

 thank you