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Title: Barn find - 2x Bagheera´s mrk 2 ;D
Post by: Lanng on June 11, 2012, 09:57:13 pm
I been active and inactive on this site a tons of times. Every time I found a Bagheera; which I could´nt either afford, shipping was imposible or no place to store it - of course there is the issue of time for such a project (Have to little time as it is with my classic Saab project). But always a lot of help and hints from you all.

So during my daily dose of internet surfing last Sunday I found .... (pause for dramatic effect) .... .... 2x Bagheera´s mrk 2 !!! with spare parts which had been stored for some 10-12 years in a barn.

And yes, I bought it all this afternoon  ;D It was completely spontaneous - I been dreaming, talking, sketching about Bagheera´s so many times that I had to have it (Now I know how women feels about shoes... ;) ) .
I haven´t even see the cars "live"; just some photos. So I am very excited / scared to see the lot, when it arrives whith in the next 10 days.

Sometimes you know you done something completely but somehow you enjoy it - so as the Saab & rally legend
"Birdiemango" says "Never suffer from insanity - enjoy it"

Best regards from a scard and excited Bagheera owner called Jacob

Title: Re: Barn find - 2x Bagheera´s mrk 2 ;D
Post by: RazorbackNOR on June 11, 2012, 10:54:19 pm

Hope we get to see some pictures of them and what you do with them.