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Title: Bagheera rear shock absorbers
Post by: andyowl on August 12, 2012, 07:00:17 pm
I thought we had a discussion on this topic some time ago but a "search" failed to find it.

New info (perhaps)....
"AVO" in the UK make adjustable shock absorbers in the Bagheera configuration with rings at the top and bottom. I am hopeful of finding a combination that will work.

They are sold by Merlin Motorsport who are based at Castle Combe race circuit and maybe by others also.

As I measured my Baggy Joe and Jubilee shock absorbers this is the specification I am giving AVO..
Length (ring centreline to centerline) extended: 520mm, compressed to the bump stop: 413mm
TotaL travel therefore: 107mm
Top ring mounting with a metal sleeve for a 13mm diameter bolt (unusual size???)
Bottom ring mounting: Bushes (no sleeve required) for a 16mm "pin"

Fingers crossed!

Title: Re: Bagheera rear shock absorbers
Post by: andyowl on August 23, 2012, 01:54:13 pm
I have found and fitted new rear shock absorbers to Baggy Joe.

Made in the UK by AVO they have adjustable compression only. There are double adjustable versions but I could not wait for the delivery time. Price was UKpds 60 + Vat and carriage each.

BUT - the upper bush needed drilling to suit a M14 top bolt and the bottom bush needed the Trailing Arm mounting to be clean and rust free before it would go on.

The stroke length is also too long and they should be fitted with a travel limiting spacer before the integral bump stop comes into use.

AVO will make to specification for UKpds 90 with a 4 week delivery time.
More info and pics shortly.