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Title: Water in the oil?
Post by: klumzer on March 22, 2013, 04:32:32 pm
Well... it is not Matra related, sorry about it, but it can be interesting and maybe you guys, up in the North can answer my question.

Last week there was a huge snow storm in Hungary and I was on the road with my VW Golf Mk3. The wind was very strong and the snow entered the engine bay. Probably the engine "ate" some snow and the ignition also got soaked. Finally we got stuck on the road. There was no chance to do anything in the very bad weather so we left the car. Next morning when I opened the bonnet I was very surprised, you can see why.
I removed the oil cap and I found light brown cream inside. Then the oil was drained and the engine was flushed with light oil. New filter, new oil and back to the road.
Today I checked the oil cap again and I still have the "cream" on it...

What to do?

Title: Re: Water in the oil?
Post by: JL on March 22, 2013, 10:10:47 pm
Before you panic you need to take the car on a long run to get the engine hot and give it time to burn off any water that is present in the cam cover. The trouble is at this time of year with very cold temperatures any moisture present will condense in the cam cover and show up as the emulsion that you have on the filler cap, if when you remove the dipstick all of the oil itself is clearly a creamy emulsion then you need to investigate further. Incidentally what was the oil like that you drained out the first time?

Good Luck

Title: Re: Water in the oil?
Post by: klumzer on March 22, 2013, 10:36:58 pm
The drained oil was quite ok. No water or emulsion recognised.
After changing the oil there were two long runs, about 110 and 200km... Oil at the dipstick seems to be clear.

Later I will check the oil again...

Title: Re: Water in the oil?
Post by: TimS on March 23, 2013, 12:10:17 am
I had a Mk3 gti 8v for 13 years. Almost indestructible engine. If you have the same one, I think JL is right, take it for a run and burn it off.  But these 8v engines just run and run.